About us

Welcome to the University Chaplaincy in Trondheim!

The Universitiy Chaplains are employed by the Church of Norway to be a part of the students` welfare program. We are ordained ministers of the Lutheran Church of Norway, but we welcome all students, no matter faith, to counseling or to take part in the events that we offer.


Sometimes life does not go the way that we want it to or the way that we had planned. This can be distressing and can lead to painful thoughts that drain all of your energy. Perhaps you're feeling insecure about the future.  Maybe you feel a lack of meaning in your life. Or maybe you're working through a broken relationship. Perhaps you feel lonely and lost and are missing your family, country or culture.

In situations like these, it is often a good idea to talk to someone. The University Chaplains welcome all students who need counseling for social, relational, existential or religious issues. We are a part of the University`s welfare program and are bound to observe confidentiality.

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Quiet Room- Room for faith and reflection

We have a Quiet Room at the Dragvoll campus located in building 2 across from Cafè-sito.  This room is available for students who want a place for prayer, silence or meditation during the day. Students from all denominations and religions are welcome to use the room. It is also possible to book the Quiet Room for shorter common prayers. Contact the University chaplains for bookings.

Worship services

During the term, the University Chaplains and the Student Congregation gather for worship every other Sunday evening in Nidaros Cathedral. They are usually in Norwegian, but during the following church coffee you are welcome to speak English.

Click here to se the Student Congregation's semester program.

The local Anglican Congregation offers services in English every Sunday. They also have a student group.