Sometimes life does not go the way that we want it to or the way that we had planned. This can be distressing and can lead to painful thoughts that drain all of your energy. Perhaps you're feeling insecure about the future.  Maybe you feel a lack of meaning in your life. Or maybe you're working through a broken relationship. Perhaps you feel lonely and lost and are missing your family, country or culture.

In situations like these, it is often a good idea to talk to someone. The University Chaplains welcome all students who need counseling for social, relational, existential or religious issues. We are a part of the University`s welfare program and are bound to observe confidentiality.

Click here for contact information. You may drop in at Dragvoll, or make an appointment.

You may meet us in our offices in Dragvoll campus, BI (Tuesdays), DMMH (Tuesdays) or other campuses by appointment. If you prefer to go for a walk and talk, you may book here (Select walk and talk/university chaplain)